The Ultimate M&A Software Tool Kit

  • Cloud-based M&A software tools (SaaS)
  • Most mature, capable, easy to use M&A software
  • Rapid set-up, deployment and adoption
  • M&A tool modules for every M&A process
  • Powerful business process automation & reporting
  • Pre-close, diligence, acquisition integration checklists

New for Release 19.0: Now available for small- to mid-size organizations  


of M&A Tools Development

What’s New in M&A Tools

Release 19.0

  • Professional dashboards
  • Beautiful new charts & graphs
  • New Tools & Modules
  • Intuitive visual language
  • Simpler, graphical navigation
  • Overhauled Interface Elements
  • New collaboration features
  • Comments & e-mail integration
  • Attractive forms
  • Deal-level control panel
  • Multiple Single Sign On Option
  • Much, much more…

Client Solutions

With Release 19.0, M&A Tools aren’t just for large enterprise clients and premium consultants.
The very best mergers & acquisitions software tools are now accessible to every client profile.

M&A Tools for

Corporate M&A

For corporate clients, EKNOW provides M&A Tools as a web-based, secure software-as-a-service. Built-in business process modules address every facet of mergers, acquisitions, and transformation initiatives.

Clients enable any combination of M&A business process modules at no incremental cost, to perfectly match their business mission. Clients may use M&A Tools to manage a pipeline of deal opportunities, or to manage a single complex post-merger integration (PMI).

With M&A Tools Release 19, EKNOW’s high-end technology is now accessible to virtually any size organization:

  • M&A Tools Enterprise (“classic”) for large acquirers
  • M&A Tools Business for mid-sized organizations (new)
  • M&A Tools Team for smaller M&A teams (new)
M&A Tools for

Consulting Partners

EKNOW partners are management consulting firms in M&A strategy, diligence, pre-close preparation, post-merger integration and long-term value capture.

EKNOW arms its consultant partners with everything required to pitch and support their end-clients with M&A Tools:

  • Special partner-only licensing or reseller agreements
  • Off-the-shelf, or tailored and branded, M&A Tools solutions
  • Partner-only M&A Tools system features
  • Dedicated M&A Tools systems for internal use
  • Direct support of engagement teams
  • Rapid development of end-client solutions
  • Ongoing training and collaboration
  • High-level roadmap access and input

M&A Tools Solutions Matrix

Consulting Partner
Cost Factor
 $$ $$
 – –
Typical Transactions
< $10MM
 $5MM – $50MM
$100MM – $10B+
$100MM – $50B+
Buyer Users*
3 – 25
20 – 125
50 – 500+
50 – 1,000
Dedicated (S)
Dedicated (L)
Dedicated (XL)
Multiple (L-XL)

Experience the Ultimate M&A Tool Kit

What Clients are saying about EKNOW

EKNOW is by far the best.

Has the most robust functionality.

Medical Rollup Company
Chief Development Officer, Medical Rollup Company

Very impressed with the platform.

This is great, and definitely something that we definitely need, on both the diligence and integration side. Very impressed with the platform.

Manager, Strategy & Bus Dev

This is a great management tool

… really save time and enable the core team to close more deals!

Computer Services company
Director of Bus. Dev., Computer Services company

Tool is really valuable…

especially the start to finish capability.

Financial management software industry
Director of Corp Dev and M&A Integration

This is way better than other M&A management tool.

VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

You guys are awesome!

Appreciate the quick turnaround! You guys are awesome!

On creating a new financial view on short notice, in time for the consultant meeting with their client.
Consulting Team
Consultant on mulitnational chemical company integration

It’s visually very appealing and very easy to use.

That’s a huge plus. A big benefit compared to another M&A management tool.

Sr. Project Manager, M&A, Major European energy company

This is a phenomenal tool!

I wholeheartedly recommend EKNOW!

VP, Business Operations, Government Contractor

This solution is the best I have seen

to manage workflow, monitor metrics, and create a collaborative environment that manages actions, issues, and related documents.

M&A Expert
Leading M&A Author Subject Matter Expert; leading M&A author

Thank you for making this happen!

The feature is great.

Custom workflow
Consulting Team
Consultant on Financial Services firm integration

It’s impressive; a real step forward.

The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Medical Rollup Company
Chief Development Officer

The user interface looks just fantastic.

It’s very clean. I like it. … The user interface looks just fantastic.

Managing Director, Strategy & Business Development

You have done a fantastic job.

Thank you both very much for the effort these past two weeks. My colleague and I think you have done a fantastic job.

Rollout for consultant client
Consulting Team
Senior Consultant, Major M&A consulting firm integration working on $7.2B Healthcare merger

Very powerful solution and platform.

Consulting Team

What are EKNOW

M&A Tools?

M&A Tools are:

  • Web-based, software as a service, hosted and managed by EKNOW on a dedicated server for every client.
  • Easy to use tool modules for each M&A phase or activity
  • A secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting
  • A platform to integrate all internal and external role contributions in M&A
  • Fully integrated collaboration and business process automation
  • For premium management consulting firms: A comprehensive, multi-engagement, M&A tools delivery and support platform
  • In depth acquisition integration checklist

M&A Tools Advantages

EKNOW Advantages
20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement


The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size


High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers


Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998


100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team


Continuous core management and development team